Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How I Used TrustRadius to Switch to Salesforce

This story is based on an interview with TrustRadius member, Al Schoneman. Al is Director of Marketing at Power Analytics Corporation.  He joined TrustRadius a year ago and wrote an in-depth review of WordPress and Pardot.  

Al Schoneman is the marketing director at Power Analytics Corporation, a company that creates, markets and supports software used to design and develop power systems. However, Al was struggling earlier this year to pinpoint the right software combination for Power Analytics' needs.

"I had some real frustration evaluating marketing automation solutions," Al said. "We were looking at some pretty big development costs to integrate our marketing automation with our CRM system."

Al is active in LinkedIn groups for marketers and also in several software user groups.  A member of one pointed him toward TrustRadius to source a more objective and comprehensive overview of the products he was considering. 

The company had just begun to use Pardot for marketing automation, and Al's boss strongly believed they should stick with their current CRM, Oracle, because he thought it worked better with their finance software and other packages. Through TrustRadius reviews, Al learned that probably wasn't quite right.

"The fact that the reviews are user written made the content invaluable to us," he said. "I couldn't find anyone on TrustRadius who had used Oracle CRM with much of anything else."

When Al finished his analysis, Power Analytics wound up migrating to Salesforce, a choice that proved better suited to the size and scope of their business. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Chart Compares Feature Availability Across 9 A/B Testing Software Products

Last month we published our first ever Buyer's Guide to A/B Testing Software, which ranked and explored the strengths and weaknesses of several A/B testing software products, based on end-user reviews on TrustRadius.

We're following up with another useful tool for companies looking to choose the right A/B testing software: A feature comparison chart, which you can download here.


Salesforce Wave Makes a Splash in the $14B Business Intelligence Space

Perspective from Alan Cooke, Research Director, TrustRadius

Salesforce announced its entry into Business Intelligence (BI) software market at Dreamforce in October with the launch of Salesforce Analytics Cloud, also known as Salesforce Wave. At TrustRadius, we pride ourselves on sharing the end-user perspective. In the case of Wave, it’s been impossible to track down any beta users, so we’re offering our own perspectives and those of market participants we interviewed.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top 10 Fastest Growing A/B Testing Software Products

A/B Testing is an emerging but rapidly growing software category.

Our August 2014 Conversion Rate Optimization Survey, indicated that 48 percent of companies plan to spend more on A/B testing tools this coming year. It has also attracted a fair amount of investment capital. Optimizely has raised $88 million including a $57 million round this May. Monetate has raised $46 million, and Maxymiser has raised $15m.

A/B Testing software is also a rapidly growing category on TrustRadius. Page views for A/B Testing software products – a measure for how many people are running evaluations – grew 30 percent from Q2 to Q3.


How we saved $30,000 a year using TrustRadius

This story is based on an interview with TrustRadius member, Bjorn Billhardt. Bjorn is CEO of Enspire. He joined TrustRadius 2 years ago. 

Bjorn Billhardt is the Founder and Chairman of Enspire, an Austin-based company that creates learning experiences for Fortune 500 companies.

Bjorn's small marketing team was really satisfied with the marketing automation software it was using. Bjorn heard about TrustRadius through a friend and encouraged one of his marketers to get on the site and contribute a review.

After looking at TrustRadius, Bjorn decided Enspire should do an internal analysis of the marketing automation platform they were using. Upon closely reading what others were saying on TrustRadius, he realized Enspire wasn't really using it in a way that justified its expense.

"It's a fine piece of software," he said. "But the people on TrustRadius who were giving it all the thumbs up were mostly from larger companies with big marketing departments, which is not our case."

Bjorn also realized the platform's workflow and customer-segmenting functions would better serve a company with thousands of prospects and customers, but Enspire's client base is highly specific: the HR departments of Fortune 500 companies. Last spring, Bjorn discontinued his marketing automation software license for an annual saving of $30,000.

"I don't think we would've had the confidence to pull the plug if we hadn't read the reviews," he said.

So far, the drawbacks to discontinuing have been negligible, and now Bjorn is using TrustRadius to research more affordable alternatives that might meet Enspire's needs. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Top 10 Fastest Growing Business Intelligence Software Products

An estimated $14 billion is spent on business intelligence (BI) software each year. Last year, the market grew more than 8 percent, with certain segments like Cloud BI growing much faster. ­It is also attracting a lot of investment capital. BI software companies Domo, Thoughtspot, Birst, GoodData, Looker and Tidemark raised over $200 million in investment capital in 2014 alone.

Business Intelligence software is also an extremely popular category on TrustRadius. Unique page views for BI software products – a measure for how many people are running evaluations – grew 16 percent from Q2 to Q3. While page views are not an absolute representation of category growth for a variety of reasons - including our own improvement in search rankings - they are a good proxy.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Using TrustRadius to Create a Vendor Short List

This story is based on an interview with TrustRadius member, Chris Ortega
. Chris is Manager of Finance and Planning at WebLink International. He joined TrustRadius in March.

Chris Ortega is Manager of Finance and Planning at WebLink, an Indianapolis-based company that provides software solutions to member-based organizations, like business associations and chambers of commerce.

Chris started his job about a year ago.

"When I came onboard there was a big need for a tool to help us with financial planning and resource allocation," he said.

Chris started doing online research and sought advice from his LinkedIn network. He happened on TrustRadius when Googling reviews of Host Analytics.

"I found the reviews on TrustRadius to be very comprehensive with in-depth analysis, and it was very interactive – you could reach out to these people who'd written them," he said.

Chris looked at other reviews through Google searches and also through sources like Proformative and Gartner's Magic Quadrant, but found them to be less thorough or impossible to authenticate:

"Was this a real problem this person had using this tool? Or was it just somebody who had a beef with the software company?" he said.

Chris used TrustRadius to narrow his list down to three options: Host Analytics, Maestro and Adaptive Insights.

After meeting with sales representatives, Chris picked Adaptive Insights for its long-term potential. WebLink is now looking to expand and believes that Adaptive Insights will meet its business-planning needs well into the future.