Thursday, July 24, 2014

How Social Is Oracle After 3 Acquisitions? The Battle for Enterprise Social Media Management Software Part 4

Executive Interview Series By Vinay Bhagat, CEO TrustRadius

In 2012 Oracle made a huge bet on Social Media Management Software making three acquisitions in rapid succession. In May they acquired Vitrue, a Social Marketing solution for $300 million; in June, social intelligence platform Collective Intellect; and in July social media development platform, Involver.

We wanted to understand how those acquisitions have turned out, and how Oracle was approaching social. As part of our Social Media Management vendor executive interview series, I interviewed Meg Bear, Group Vice President of Social Cloud at Oracle. This article follows interviews with executives at Sprinklr, Spredfast, and Hootsuite about the battle for the enterprise within social media management.

Oracle’s Social Media Management Offering Today

Oracle’s Social Media Management offering is called Social Relationship Management (SRM) and there are two primary components which can be purchased together or stand-alone:

1) Social Engagement & Monitoring (SE&M); derived from Collective Intellect and Involver.
2) Social Marketing (SM) - derived from Vitrue.

Per Meg, “The majority of our new customers are purchasing the SRM platform and many of our longtime SM customers have recently upgraded to the full SRM.” 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Celebrating 500,000 buyers helped and 2 million words of insight

July 22nd, 2014 – Vinay Bhagat, CEO TrustRadius

May of last year we launched TrustRadius, a peer community for business software users to share candid insights through in-depth structured product reviews. Since our launch, more than 500,000 software buyers have visited our site to identify and research business software applications. We currently serve more than 85,000 people each month and our site is growing quickly.

Today we crossed a big milestone – 5,000 published reviews and more than 22,500 comparisons across 700 business software products.