Wednesday, May 28, 2014

3 Strategic Tips to Unleash the Power of Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools

This is a guest post by TrustRadius member, Robert Goodman, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Georgetown University. Since joining TrustRadius last October, Robert has reviewed  Microsoft BI,  IBM Cognos, Workday and 8 other products. He is one of our top user experts in the Business Intelligence category. 

Traditional reporting tools are primarily a product of the past.  Sure, some of these tools have a nice application for operational reporting needs. But we’re seeing more frequently that many of these operational reporting features are being built into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems directly.

With the growth in computing power, ERP systems can often handle the operational reporting load and therefore do not require separate reporting systems for operational needs.  This may not be the case with larger organizations.

Take Workday for example.  This product has fantastic reporting capabilities built into the ERP directly.  Both the reports and the product are SaaS-based and available from a standard web browser.  Workday offers drillable displays that are contextual and actionable.  Additionally, the product provides real-time operational intelligence by cross-walking data sets that reside within the Workday platform.  This is a good example of some of the sophistication – and general ‘goodness’ - that is happening in the ERP world.


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