Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marketing Automation Products Mid-Size Companies Should Consider First [Infographic]

Earlier this week, we unveiled a visual called the TrustMap™ to help marketing automation software buyers at companies of all sizes - small businesses, mid-size companies and enterprises - identify the solutions most closely aligned to their needs and most highly rated by their direct peer group. We also published a 44-page free Buyer's Guide to Marketing Automation. Today we're publishing an infographic that compares three top solutions.

If you are a mid-size company (51-500 employees), you should first look at Marketo and Pardot who are both highly rated by mid-market companies and have a strong focus on the mid-size company segment (as measured by the percentage of their customer base in that segment). Additionally HubSpot is particularly highly rated by users in the mid-size company segment. At a high-level, here is how these 3 vendors compare:

Best Marketing Automation Software for Mid-Size companies infographic

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  1. Thanks for sharing these insights. Can you pls elaborate the weighting and rationale used to come to the overall results? It seems HubSpot with virtually all 9's, the largest customer base and the largest # of reviews would warrant a best product rating alongside Pardot and Marketo.

    1. Paul - thanks very much for your comment.

      The x-axis of the chart is based upon the percentage of the vendor's clients within a given segment. We consider that a proxy for where a product is focused. The products in the upper RH quadrant are considered "best fit" products for that market segment, because they both are well rated and are most focused on customers like that today.

      You are correct that Hubspot is very highly rated by mid-market customers and does have a large absolute # of mid-market customers. In fact, we awarded Hubspot the overall Highest Rated Marketing Automation product badge to recognize that fact.

      We debated whether to use the number of customers within segment for the x-axis, but one challenge is understanding exactly how a product is being used inside a company. The primary focus for this report is the use of marketing automation tools as enterprise email campaign management tools. In the case of Hubspot specifically, it's not always used as the primary email campaign management platform for the enterprise, and sometimes used along solutions like Marketo. A research report by Mintigo indicated that Hubspot is used in 8% of Marketo customers and 3% of Eloqua (http://www.mintigo.com/battle-of-the-marketers-marketo-vs-eloqua/).

      Another method would be to try and assess revenue in segment, but that would require making assumptions on average price point by segment.

      I hope this clarification helps and I welcome any and all feedback.