Saturday, December 7, 2013

TrustRadius ranked #2 fastest growing start-up in Austin

Mattermark, a Big Data research firm for venture capital firms just announced their list of fastest growing Austin start-up companies, and we were excited to see that TrustRadius was ranked #2.

 Here is the list:

1. COINTERRA - BitCoin Mining Hardware
2. TrustRadius - business software reviews #forusersbyusers 3. WP Engine - Word Press hosting platform 4. Mass Relevance - Social media curation engine 5. OutboundEngine - Marketing solutions for small businesses 6. OwnLocal - automated digital ad agency 7. Apptive - mobile commerce solution

Friday, December 6, 2013

Fab 5 Software Reviews - November 2013

Last month, we featured 5 reviews that we believe epitomize the characteristics of great reviews.

This month, we are pleased to highlight 5 more reviews that impressed us by the depth and quality of insights provided.

From the Finance, to the IT, Development and Sales & Marketing departments, our 5 featured reviewers are helping us (with many others) to redefine what it means to “review” business software.

And we're having a big impact. 40,000+ professionals now use TrustRadius every month, and you can now find in-depth insights on over 250 business software products.

Here are the "Fab 5" reviews published in November:

ClickTools: Gets the Job Done

By Jennifer Robertson, Marketing Database and Analytics Manager at Navicure
"The big advantages of ClickTools are the fact that it is reasonably affordable and integrates well with Salesforce. The product is easy to learn, and has great export functionality" - read more

Rally Software: Great For Large Self-Directed Teams By Gary Allison, Vice President Research & Development at E2open

"Rally is a great tool and is tightly integrated with our agile process. It provides visibility of progress across a large number of teams and also provides product management visibility of their product features" - read more

"A highly featured business intelligence tool. You can develop reports against any database or structured file format, from Microsoft SQL & Oracle, to flat file to text file to spreadsheets" - read more

"The UI is very simple and intuitive. It's very easy to customize the database and reporting, searches, analysis and dashboards are flexible. NetSuite also has strong third-party support with many integrated applications" - read more

By Rob Sherman, Vice President of IT Solutions at Industry Intelligence Inc.
"Integration with Salesforce is very strong and allows salespeople to build quotes and push data directly into Zuora. The platform is constantly evolving and is flexible enough to support many different subscription models" - read more
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