Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reviews Should Be More Like Journals, Less Like Postcards

By Vinay Bhagat, Co-founder & CEO, TrustRadius

Have you ever visited a review site only to be frustrated when reviews aren’t current? Have you ever wanted to update a review you’ve written after you’ve had more experience with a product?

Today most reviews are like postcards - a one time, brief snap shot about an experience. Yet, with the advent of Software as a Service, business software has become much more dynamic. New features are frequently launched, product interfaces evolved, mobile apps introduced, and service levels can quickly change. Moreover, software users have an on-going relationship with a product and their perspectives can evolve with experience. We believe to be truly useful, software reviews should be more like journals - a place that you can update/add thoughts over time, and many of our members requested this capability.

With our latest release, you can now update your published review at any time. When logged in you’ll see a prompt like this on the right hand side panel of the home page.

When you click on "Update this review", you’ll be taken to a page like the one below that will allow you to either update your existing submission or add to it. As part of our new review process we’ve also organized reviews into more modular sections and no longer have the notion of a short, medium or long-form review. The more sections you answer, the more points you earn. You can add sections at any time.

We hope you like the changes and will return to keep your reviews current, and add new insights and experiences over time. As always, we welcome any feedback you may have.

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