Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Have you ever wanted to discuss questions about enterprise technology in a safe, high quality environment? Have you ever felt frustrated that the only answers you get when you ask a question in a forum are from vendors or obviously prompted by vendors? Have you ever been fearful of posting a candid response in a public forum for fear of repercussion? Have you ever posted a in a public forum only to get cold-called by vendors? Have you joined a discussion forum only to leave or tune out later as the quality control of content was too poor?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then I hope that we may offer the solution.

TrustRadius - the site for professionals to safely share intelligence about enterprise technologies - is excited to announce the addition of Discussions. Discussions is a question and answer capability designed to help professionals explore key technology related topics in a safe and high quality fashion. Discussions center around categories (e.g. social media management) or specific products.

In the version 1 release of this feature announced today, the research team at TrustRadius will publish questions - taking suggestions from our members. Private beta members are invited to respond, and to comment upon or vote up/ down other answers, similar to the Q&A site Quora.

To launch this new feature, we have posted four questions around the topic of Social Media Management. These are featured on the home page of our beta site.

Figure 1 - Featured discussions on the private beta homepage

Adding your answer to a question, or commenting on someone else's response is simple. You can also follow discussions that you're interested in and share feedback on whether you felt the discussion is useful - see figure 2.

Figure 2 - Adding your answer in a discussion

We welcome suggestions on questions/ topics you'd like to see explored, either at a category or at a specific product level.  We invite you to join the discussion.

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