Monday, December 3, 2012

Establishing Your System Expertise in TrustRadius

Much of our focus to date has been gathering in-depth reviews for different business applications.  We believe that reviews are a helpful source of information to help professionals make more informed decisions. However, no matter how comprehensive a review may be, sometimes you just need to speak to someone knowledgeable to get your specific questions answered.  Additionally, we are finding that people have expertise in products they’ve not yet reviewed.

An important and really easy to use feature in TrustRadius is to add your system expertise. Simply click on your name, select My Profile, and choose the My Expertise tab.  

You can identify the products that you have experience with, and annotate the depth of your expertise. See the example below where I share my profile. The good news is that virtually all of our community has a lot more application expertise than me!  This data helps us to match you with others who may need help with an evaluation. Please take the time to fill out your profile and add your systems expertise.

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