Monday, December 3, 2012

How Can TrustRadius Help You?

Vinay Bhagat, CEO TrustRadius

Three of our beta community members were evaluating systems and asked for our help.

A director of business applications at a high growth technology company was evaluating CPQ (configuration, pricing, quoting) applications. Their short list was BigMachines, BigMachines Express and Steel Brick. We were able to provide them with three in-depth reviews of BigMachines from different vantage points – a business analyst in IT, a director of legal operations, and a sales operations manager. The information helped them understand the total cost of ownership of the solution, which helped them make a final decision.

The CFO at an international nonprofit is considering replacing their accounting system. They are talking to several SAAS vendors but have been unable to connect with relevant customer references and to get their specific questions reliably answered. Through TrustRadius, they were able to access multiple in-depth reviews about NetSuite, a primary candidate. The reviews represented different perspectives including, a VP Finance, an accounting manager, and a financial systems analyst who had recently implemented an upgrade to the OneWorld, the international edition. They had some specific questions they wanted to answer and asked if we could connect them with anyone with detailed knowledge. We introduced them to a consultant who had implemented NetSuite, and the financial analyst that had just upgraded to OneWorld.

A director of sales operations at a software company aims to make a decision between Financial Force and NetSuite for accounting. They were able to get good insights into NetSuite from our reviews and limited commentary on FinancialForce from a NetSuite user who had evaluated them.  They have struggled to get information on FinancialForce as it is not yet widely used. We were able to connect them with another beta community member who has done an in-depth evaluation of FinancialForce.

Please let us know if we can help you. We are adding new in-depth reviews every day. If you cannot find what you need, let us know and we will try to help source reviews or make a connection for you.

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