Monday, December 10, 2012

Following in TrustRadius

Even if you’re not in an active product evaluation today, you can keep apprised about products,  vendors, categories you’re interested in by using the Follow feature in TrustRadius. This feature allows you to follow products, vendors, categories, and people who you are connected to, so that whenever new reviews are posted, they are featured on your TrustRadius homepage in the “What you’re following” box.

You can follow a product or vendor directly from a review. To the right of every review is a box per fig. 1 below.  From this box, you can click to follow a product e.g. NetSuite Open Air or a vendor e.g. NetSuite and all their associated products.  

Fig. 1

You can also follow categories, vendors and products from the listing pages by clicking on the flag. In figure 2, you see an example of following the vendor 37 signals from the vendor list.


If you are connected to a person in TrustRadius, i.e. you are connected on LinkedIn or work at your company and they have set their visibility permissions accordingly to include you, then you can follow all their reviews across products, vendors and categories.

At any time, you can modify your settings within the "Following" tab of your profile (see fig. 3).

Fig. 3

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