Thursday, December 20, 2012

Earn up to $50 for charity by writing a review

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give"

Kahlil Gibran

We know that you finding that extra time in your day to write a review can be challenging. To inspire you to find the time, we will donate to a charity of your choice for a "full" review submitted online by December 31st.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Social Media Management Software - A First Look

Alan Cooke, Research Director, TrustRadius


TrustRadius – the new business social network for professionals to share candid and robust intelligence about enterprise technologies – has been gathering feedback from social media management software users. We define social media management software (SMMS) as a set of tools allowing an organization to connect multiple social media accounts and manage, monitor and analyze interactions from a single dashboard. Most web-based SMMS apps permit some level of listening for brand mentions, real-time and automated posting to multiple channels, and the ability to run social marketing campaigns. They almost always also include an analytics package allowing the relative success of campaigns to be measured.

In this report, we present early findings from our private beta, which document the problems users of these products are trying to solve, the tools they use, and their satisfaction with those tools. The findings are based twenty six product review interviews collected in-person, over the phone and via the web from professionals at twenty three companies. Reviews on eleven distinct SMMS products were collected. The purpose of this report is more to illustrate emerging insights and our research approach versus providing quantifiably definitive guidance.  

Following in TrustRadius

Even if you’re not in an active product evaluation today, you can keep apprised about products,  vendors, categories you’re interested in by using the Follow feature in TrustRadius. This feature allows you to follow products, vendors, categories, and people who you are connected to, so that whenever new reviews are posted, they are featured on your TrustRadius homepage in the “What you’re following” box.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Establishing Your System Expertise in TrustRadius

Much of our focus to date has been gathering in-depth reviews for different business applications.  We believe that reviews are a helpful source of information to help professionals make more informed decisions. However, no matter how comprehensive a review may be, sometimes you just need to speak to someone knowledgeable to get your specific questions answered.  Additionally, we are finding that people have expertise in products they’ve not yet reviewed.

An important and really easy to use feature in TrustRadius is to add your system expertise. Simply click on your name, select My Profile, and choose the My Expertise tab.  

How Can TrustRadius Help You?

Vinay Bhagat, CEO TrustRadius

Three of our beta community members were evaluating systems and asked for our help.

A director of business applications at a high growth technology company was evaluating CPQ (configuration, pricing, quoting) applications. Their short list was BigMachines, BigMachines Express and Steel Brick. We were able to provide them with three in-depth reviews of BigMachines from different vantage points – a business analyst in IT, a director of legal operations, and a sales operations manager. The information helped them understand the total cost of ownership of the solution, which helped them make a final decision.